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Self-Help Center Hours  

The McDonough County Legal Self-Help Center is hosted by the libraries in McDonough County. Please contact each library for their hours of operation.

McDonough County Legal Information Self-Help Center Locations  

Getting a Divorce in Illinois  [Text Only Version] Guide Me
Information about how you can get a divorce, including automated forms

Getting Child Support  [Text Only Version] Guide Me
Explains the ways in which you can get child support, and the necessary forms and instructions

I Am Being Sued for $10,000 or Less  [Text Only Version] Guide Me
This guide explains what you should do if you are being sued in small claims court.

My Landlord Is Trying to Evict Me  [Text Only Version] Guide Me
Explains when your landlord can evict you and the steps that the landlord must take before you can be ordered to move out

Filing an Order of Protection for Domestic Violence or Workplace Violence  [Text Only Version] Guide Me
This article explains how to get an order of protection and includes court forms and instructions.

I Am Behind on My Mortgage Payments  [Text Only Version] Guide Me
Information about your legal rights and options when facing possible foreclosure

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Blandinsville-Hire Library District
130 South Main Street
Blandinsville, IL 61420
Blaindinsville-Hire Library Facebook Page

Bushnell Public Library
455 North Dean Street
Bushnell, IL 61422

Macomb Public Library District

235 South Lafayette Street
Macomb, IL 61455
Macomb Public Library Website

Malpass Library
Western Illinois University
Government and Legal Information Unit
4th floor
Macomb, IL 61455
Western Illinois University Library Website

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